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Data Media Systems, with headquarters in Bahrain, is the brain-child of Nurudin Loch (1954-2008) and has been servicing international clients since 2000. Mr. Loch had worked within the energy industry for decades alongside well recognized companies such as the Saudi Arabian Development Company, Technip, Crest Petroleum, Parsons and more. With his extensive experience, Mr. Loch’s vision was to bring local knowledge of the global energy industry to all companies from around the world.

Under the subsequent command of Mohammed Loch, Data Media Systems quickly grew to become recognized as the world’s leading source for project related information in the Middle East. The name DMS became synonymous with accurate and timely project information from around the globe. From 2004 onward, Data Media Systems further expanded to open research offices in Canada, China, Egypt, India, Russia, Singapore, Spain, UAE, and the USA.

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