Why You Need to Sponsor at DMS Events

DMS Global is uniquely positioned within the international projects community as a partner to give your company significant promotion and visibility to project owners, contractors, consultants, manufacturers, bankers, marketers and the media.

Sponsorship at DMS Events will make your company stand out as a leader in this increasingly competitive, challenging and dynamic economic climate and will leave a strong impression of your brand in key decision-maker’s minds. Sponsors have an incredible amount of presence at every DMS event. Sponsoring a DMS event will give your company optimum exposure but also the opportunity for delegates to meet you and your executives to find out more about your business opportunities.

It’s a fact that sponsorship gets you new business leads!

Benefits of Sponsoring at DMS Events include:

  • Address the event with your industry experts and senior executives
  • Be part of the most unique events with Industry Debates and extravagant High Society gatherings
  • Exposure through DMS Global’s advertising around the world by various media partners and publications
  • Exposure through massive global email and internet campaigns created by DMS Events before, during and after the event
  • Back-link to your company’s website from www.dmsprojects.net to increase your search engine optimization and drive customer traffic to your business website
  • Opportunities to meet and interview with guest journalists attending the event
  • Post-conference marketing to extend your brand awareness
  • Increased opportunity to build a quality customer base
  • Raise your corporate profile amongst your peers and above your competitors
  • Reinforce your commitment and message to your industry
  • Complimentary attendance for your colleague(s)
  • Affiliation to the internationally recognized DMS Global brand
  • Networking amongst your industry’s leading government officials, industry experts, and potential clients

As a Sponsor of DMS Events, a Senior Executive from your company is entitled to enroll as a speaker. If your company wishes to speak, you can simply contact one of our Program Directors with your details and the event you would like to address.

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