DMS Projects Features

Take a closer look at our portal features, built to provide you with information that takes your business to the next level


Amazing Capabilities of the DMS Projects Matrix

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  • Do you need access to key people in a project?
  • Do you need to find new projects in new locations?
  • Do you need to know if a project has been awarded yet, or is still accepting bids?

You will find all of this and more once you are a member of DMS Projects


Powerful Analytical Tools

We are focused on sharpening all of our tools on a regular basis, to provide you with more information in less time

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Easy to Understand Interface

We've created our pages according to the industry standards to provide you with an interface that is very easy to grasp from the first look

Flag, track and share projects

Direct Contact

Direct access to our research teams is given through the DMS Portal along with a team of Customer Relationship Executives available to assist with any questions or queries you may have.

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Track Lists

Create Favourites, Notes, Reminders and automatically track updates

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Share projects

Share projects amongst your members group

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What Can I Expect From DMS Projects?

Email Alerts

Create customized email alerts

Forecast & Analysis Tools

Create statistics, analysis & forecasting models

Track Lists

Create Favourites, Notes, Reminders and automatically track updates

Advanced Search & Filter

Access the most Advanced Search features

Multilingual Team

Our team of multilingual analysts provide with quality information by tapping on local sources

Project Location Maps

Access interactive map showing the project location

Contact Info

We'll give you access to contact information to KPs that are involved in the project

65 Levels of Key Personnel

Obtain information about 65 different levels of key personnel

Data Download

Export projects data into a file

Customized Dashboard

Get a dashboard tailored just for you and your needs

Greenfield vs Brownfield Analysis

Discover projects related to your target market, filtering between greenfield and brownfield

Compare workloads against competitors

Compare projects of a competitor contractor by sector and/or country


Have a quick overview over your followed projects, check what has changed and when

Project Value Distribution

Check and analyze projects value distribution of each sector in a country

Sectors Value Distribution

Check active and awarded projects, total budgets by country and sector